Saturday, May 24, 2008

Farmers Market Saturday - May 24, 2008

The bounty is getting even better. I probably picked up too much today, as our regular share pick-up starts this Wednesday, and I'll be switching these posts to Wednesdays starting on the 29th.

We had several dinner and use goals for this week:

* Roasted Chicken with potatoes and asparagus
* Polenta or cornmeal dish
* Rhubarb Cobbler
* Zucchini and Pasta
* salads
* borsch from last summer

We got through all of it except the polenta or cornmeal dish, and we had one night of asparagus and pasta, as well as the zucchini pasta dish. Both were delicious. Here are a couple of pics from the past week:

Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

Pasta with Zucchini

This is what we picked up this week:

asparagus, basil, arugula, red leaf lettuce, rhubarb

pickling cukes, Zingerman's City Goat cheeses with chive/garlic and garlic/black pepper, Ernst Farm eggs, scallions and garlic

Not shown - lamb chops from Ernst Farm and more Apple Cider from Kapnick Orchards.

So, what's cooking this week?

*Cold Sesame Noodles with scallions and cukes
*Polenta with Asparagus and Romano
*Arugula, Fig and Goat Cheese Panini (with pepper garlic goat cheese)
*another Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler (it was a big hit)
*more salads
*grilled lamb chops with grilled asparagus
*Basil and Goat Cheese Frittata (with chive garlic City Goat cheese)

Another week of easy and delicious dinners... Bon Appetit! What are you cooking this week?

To see what other Ann Arborites are putting together from the Farmers Market, visit The Farmer's Marketer and An Organic Summer.


glamah16 said...
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glamah16 said...

Wow. It all sounds so good. Its funny we gain more weight in winter, but ironically not in the summer with all the inspiring bounty!I want to try that panini with argula, goat cheese,and fig. Thanks for commenting about me on nyc /caribbean ragazzas blog. It was sweet!

Jen said...

Glamah, what I find in the summer is that I can use a *little* of that fattening stuff and a ton of the veggies and then I'm good. I serve much bigger portions of the carbs, dairy, etc., stuff to my boys (both DH and DS). They're both skinny and eat well and healthily and it's all okay. As for the comment on NYC's blog - it was totally heartfelt - your creativity just astounds me!

Sarabeth said...

I'm amazed that you can plan for an entire week of meals. We live too much by the seat of our pants for that. I know we'll have some shrimp one night this week as the Louisiana brown shrimp are in season (fresh from the boats). Other than that, I have no idea.

Jen said...

Hey Sarabeth! These are goals, actually. I pick up what I see that's good or on sale at the Farmers Market or what comes in my share box. When I come home I think about what to do with it and come up with a game plan. This way, almost everything (goal being EVERYTHING) gets used, and we're eating more veggies than anything else, so that's the plan. I did well last week, but this is only week two, so we'll see. ;-)

Marianne Arkins said...

I wish my family would eat that kind of food! It sounds awesome.

Alas, DH is all about traditional cooking without anything "funny".

So, I'll just come ogle your blog on a weekly basis and dream.

Incidentally, I picked, peeled and chopped four cups of rhubarb yesterday. You can even tell I took anything off my plant. Will do more tomorrow. My freezer will fill quickly!

Jen said...

Marianne, I hope the chopping goes easily. Mae told me she just slices the rhubarb thin and doesn't peel it, etc. Maybe it's just me? BTW... I'm right in the middle of reading "Change of Heart"!

April said...

I can't read your blog anymore without salivating!!

anno said...

I love your menus for this week -- that panini sounds fabulous! Like Marianne, I have more conservative eaters (where's my beef?) at home and will have to be content to ogle here.

Mae Travels said...

I am a little behind you, but I do have a rhubarb crumble (different recipe from yours) in the oven and also cooked rhubarb sauce with the rest of it. Believe me, slicing it with the food processor saves a lot of time, and makes it cook very fast too.

Mae Travels said...
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painted maypole said...

oh... i am so wanting some apple cider!

Momisodes said...

Oooh, those sound great. I can't wait to read more about the Polenta and the frittata :)

Rebecca said...

ooh - jen, delicious sounding plan! I'm far too disorganised to work like that - I can buy the meals for two evenings in a row maximum - otherwise I end up changing the 'plan' and wasting food. And, um, my meals are nowhere near as gourmet as the food on your menu - perhaps as the kids get older. IN the meantime I'll live vicariously through your photos......

Korie said...

yeah I'd be very interested in the recipes for the fritata and the polenta.

Jen said...

Thanks, April!

Anno, C doesn't eat a lot of this, I'm afraid, but D prefers this way of eating, so we're in sync there.

Mae, I saw your pics and I will definitely try your method with the rhubarb. Thanks for the tips!

Jen said...

PM - is there a cider season down in NOLA? We're at the tail end - it was that growers last week for apples and presumably cider.

Sandy, I'll have to see how they turn out. Again, these are goals, so who knows?

Becky, it's one way I know I'll use everything. And it seems to work most of the time. Then there are those weeks when someone gets sick, or we forgot about evening commitments, etc.

Jen said...

Lilac and Sandy, I'll try to get them up for either this week's or next week's What's Cooking Wednesday. ;-)

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Sounds like a great week in the foodie world coming up!!! Your farmers market sounds more diversified than ours. As time goes on I think the purpose of our farmers market has been lost and it consists mostly of crafters. I did pick up some beets, Spring turnips, asparagus,eggs, hothouse tomatoes and cucumbers which are making there way to my table!!!!!

Jen said...

Well, Val, our market days are varied. We have an "artisans" market on Sundays, although some of it is flowers, some junk, and some actual art and craft booths. On Wednesdays and Saturdays it's actually the Farmers Market, along with a very occasional pottery or jewelry stand. The greens I got were hothouse, as were the pickling cukes. I don't know about the scallions. Everything else is in season. I held off on radishes, because I'm guessing they'll be in my share box.

Carol said...

I LOVE farmers markets! Fresh asparagus -- yummy! Now you've made me regret my decision to have pasta and jarred sauce tonight!

Oh, and I copied your Obama widget. THANKS!


Heather said...

It looks like you have bounty to work with this week! I need to get to the farmer's market myself...

Jen said...

Carol, me, TOO, on the asparagus. I don't think I can possibly eat it enough ways. It's a great favorite.

Heather, yes, we've been gloriously lucky this week. We've already been using the arugula and basil like mad and finished one of the goat cheese pieces, made another cobbler and have been generous with asparagus throughout. I love having the growing season back!

Goofball said...

wow do you plan your meals up front like that?

The pasta with zucchini looks fabulous. And the idea of the lamb makes me hungry again.

Hmm I'd better turn to the strawberries with mint in the fridge ;).

enjoy your meals

Goofball said...

what type of asparagus do you eat in Michigan? white ones or green ones? The region north of Leuven/Brussels is known for its white asparagus.

Jen said...

We have both, but usually green. I'll be getting white from my CSA share this week maybe (or green or... purple, they said?)

I just put things together once I see what I've got. It's ever-changing, though, really.

The area where my exchange daughter lives in Germany (Warendorf) also grows tons of the white asparagus.

Leslie said...

Thos dinners look amazing! You are quite a cook. It's something I'd love to get under control. I'm in a cooking rut - making the same things over and over. You're giving me some inspiration. If I can only persuade Dave to try something off his "basic" menu.