Monday, May 12, 2008

Music Monday: "Give a Man a Fish" - Arrested Development

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Hype makes me suspicious. I wouldn't even go near Harry Potter for the first couple of years that it was out. Then when I finally got around to it, I fell hook, line and sinker.

I made the same mistake with Arrested Development. I knew there were some songs I liked, but the hype was just too much and I didn't listen to albums.

Fortunately, our library has a great CD collection. And I was browsing to hear some new music while doing house chores, and I have fallen. in. love. with 3 Years, 5 Months, and 2 Days in the Life. In fact, I've fallen so deeply in love, it's what I asked for for Mother's Day, and I guess I've been a good mom, because I received it. ;-)

The song I most love is the one below - "Give a Man a Fish". I've loved this proverb since I heard it around age 8 or so, and I guess, as a teacher, it's been one of my favorite phrases as an adult. I also agree with so many of the lyrics in the song. Here are two of my favorite excerpts:

Now I pray for God to invest in me
My dignity, invest his glory
Give me the strength so I can finish the story
Keep on searching for the right way to go out
coz going out is what it's all about
huh! You can't be passive, gotta be active
Can't go with what looks attractive
Gotta learn all I can while I'm able
Headliner expresses his feeling on those turntables
When we get our chance
to make a good living of the music we program
We won't sell out just to be sold out (alright, they're talking about music, but this can be applied in SO many situations)

Raise your fist but also raise your children
So when you die the movement moves on
Coz with revolution, ain't no future in front o' y'all
haha! Direct your anger, love
Nothing's ever built on hate, instead love
Love your life, tackle the government (yes, we need change, but real change can't come from anger - it has to come from love and strength, too. And discipline. There's no free lunch. )

I couldn't find a great youtube clip, but I hope you all like the song. Enjoy!


Meg said...

Thank you. I wasn't familiar with this group.

Also, I looove the Mother's Day painting you posted. Says so much.

Jen said...

Thanks, Meg! I really love the group now that I've been listening more. And that's one of my favorite Cassatt paintings.

janey jay said...

Those lyrics are fantastic. I'm off to find my own mp3 of this. You have totally empowered and inspired me!

painted maypole said...

i wasn't familiar with this song, but always enjoyed their Tennessee

glamah16 said...

I must live under a rock. I have vaguely heard of this group. Thanks for the opp to listen.

Jen said...

Jane, their music is really fantastic - they're incredible.

PM, me, too - that was one of the songs I was familiar with and liked.

Courtney - they're truly amazing. Even better in performance, although there were no performance videos that had enough of "Give a Man a Fish".

CableGirl said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the whole hype thing. I too boycotted Harry Potter until well after the 4th book was out... just 'cause.

AD, on the other hand... well, hype or no hype, damn them's some powerful lyrics.

Jen said...

CG, you'd like the whole song even better... I just didn't want to start a whole political thing this time in terms of ALL the lyrics, lol. Check out the rest.

Thistlemoon said...

Hmmm..the library for CD's...what a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing! I love Arrested Development and I share your reservations for things that are instantly popular.

Jen said...

Actually, Jenn, it's been wonderful. I listen to the CD over and over and if I love it, THEN I buy it, after my two-week try-out at the library. We have a pretty hip library, though. ;-)

anno said...

Great lyrics! Thanks for introducing me to a new group. And thanks, too, for printing out the lyrics, as my ability to listen to things is still not totally reliable.

Jen said...

Mine isn't either, Anno. This is why I have to check out lyrics in printed form, lol.

Korie said...

Arrested Development was a favorite of mine growing up. I loved Mr. Wendall and Tenessee, although a 12 year old white suburban Jewish girl bebopping through the school hall singing "although I am black and proud, brothers got me pessimistic" always got some interesting looks.

Sai Hijara - Ferraris said...

I'm still at work...will listen to it when I get home...but I love the lyrics! I'm sure I'd love it!

Happy MM!

Dru said...

I only knew of one song that was played all over the radio that I liked. I never heard this song before.

Jen said...

I'll bet you did, Lilac! That must have been a bit of a culture clash for those listening.

That was my problem this morning Mariposa - I could read the posts, but not listen.

Dru, was it Tennessee? That seems to be the one that everyone knows.

Dru said...

Yes, it was Tennessee.

Heather said...

I'm always late to the party, too. But better late than never, right?

Jen said...

Absolutely, Heather. Also, if you find something you like - that's the main thing!

Alex Elliot said...

I had the same experience with Harry Potter! I waited until well after book four came out to read any of them. Then when the rest came out, my husband and I pre-ordered copies!

Jen said...

It's funny how Harry Potter had that effect on a lot of folks, Alex!

Goofball said...

arrested development???? Never ever heard of them. Must have been a regional hype.

Jen said...

I think it was U.S. hype - sometimes there's a big gap between what's popular in Europe and what's popular here, Goofball.