Friday, November 9, 2007

Writing Game - It's Coming Monday!

Quite some time ago I posted an idea for a bit of writing fun. I had nine brave respondents, who've now dwindled to seven, and on Monday we're going to post our stories.

I'm going to add the links to this post later, as I am pressed for time right now, but here are the list of victims brave participants:

Anno of Anno's place
Gunfighter of The View from Here
Wholly Burble from Rocking Chair Ruminations
SMID from Soccer Mom in Denial
yours truly
My DH of his soon-to-be blog - Haikuku
The lovely Leslie from My Mommy's Place

So be there, or be square!

And for other writing fun, Jenn in Holland is hosting Soap Opera Sunday this week, so don't skip that, either!


anno said...

um... call it a hunch, but I bet that whatever you see from me is going to be mighty rough...

Rebecca said...

looking forward to reading what you've all come up with!

Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, I am excited to read along. I would have played but I was so afraid I would have flaked. I hate being a flake, so I just laid low this round.
Will you do it again, do you think?

Anonymous said...

At the time of this comment, I have yet to begin writing. I will most certainly post on Monday. I can't say what the quality of that post will be. But, it will be.

(I'm really nervous. And I want to do a good job, which means I will procrastinate for fear of writing something terrible, which will almost guarantee I will write something terrible.)