Friday, November 16, 2007

Spinning plates

There are times when life is just a bowl of cherries, and there are other times when life is just a mass of spinning plates.

You know those plates - the kind that someone in a circus or at a fair sets spinning on the ends of impossibly long wands, that are balanced on various parts of his/her body, and more and more plates are added, each one spinning, until they all crash down.

This morning I sit here in my office with a to do list longer than my arm. My sweet, wonderful German daughter has safely landed back in Germany, and the house is empty. I've given up on Nano, realizing that I need to do a plot overhaul on the novel (but all of this is good news - on the days I can write, I'm averaging 2,000 - 3,000 words). I need to do final prep on my send to the Golden Heart and continue to query the paranormal and I still need to do some research for the mystery. But I'm still IN for Nablopomo. To quote a lovely little boy named Andrew: "Boo-yah!"

And then there are the normalcies of life: basics like cleaning and balancing the books, both of which have been neglected for too long. And spending some time with D and C is always a good thing.

Finishing the semester for my students would also be useful. ;-)

And then there's the fun stuff - blogging and reading blogging and corresponding with bloggers and reading and cooking.

And I really should exercise.

And while I'm at it, there are several political causes that certainly demand my attention.

Now, while this might seem whiny, I'm actually in a glorious mood today. I'm determined to keep those plates spinning. All of them. And it's all good. I feel incredibly lucky to have all those plates. And to keep 'em spinning.

But I do miss my German daughter, S.

P.S. And no worries about those who asked for interview questions - they're almost all done and I had a BLAST doing them!


jennifer said...

You are lucky

Charity Tahmaseb said...

Hey, I got some comments on your GH partial heading your way very soon here. You're looking good!

anno said...

You are amazing. I'm glad you're in such a great place.

Carol said...

Now you made me miss MY German daughter!! Sigh!

But I am meeting "our new Belgian son" this evening! Well, he's not really "ours," because I'm only his liaison, but it'll be fun nonetheless.


Goofball said...

ooh you have empty house syndrom because your exchange daughter is gone again!

and we all have those moments that we try to keep too many plates spinning (I love the image!!)...

Wholly Burble said...

Hey! Thanks for putting something to go with my life--spinning plates! It works. I can truly relate to that image. I can remember watching the performers working on getting more and more plates set up, spinning, then running back to re-energize the beginning-to-wobble plates, LOL--what a great way of seeing the daily agendas of my life (well, I guess it's great, as it does explain why I'm out of breath a LOT of the time LOL).

Thanks for my interview questions--they're going to require me to think--oh my :-0

Rebecca said...

I know, I know, EXACTLY how you feel!

Jan said...

A new perspective on life. Cool


Jenn in Holland said...

Thank you for my questions, I am pondering and writing and will post soon.
This is a great post and so perfectly true of life. Keep 'em balanced baby, and keep 'em spinning! You are a genius!

Anonymous said...

I know that feeling! It's the same reason I've been neglecting my blogroll - that's a plate I dropped. I'm trying to get it spinning again!