Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pookie Girl

Yeah, I know. It's embarrassing. But I really do call my guinea pigs "pookies". I never used baby talk with DS or any other human baby or small child, but for some reason I do smear the dignity of Sunshine, Moonbeam, Starlight and Firelight.

Each piggy has his or her own personality, and I'm not planning to go into all of them today, but I do want to focus on Pookie Girl, otherwise (and properly) known as Firelight.

Sunshine is the mom to Starlight and Firelight, and the two young 'uns ended up with the monikers of Pookie Boy and Pookie Girl. At least by me. I believe my DH and I know my DS rolls his eyes in disgust when I use these terms of affection.

Pookie Girl is by far our smartest guinea pig. In fact, she may be one of the smartest anywhere, according to her behavior and according to our vet. Even though she is not the Alpha (a very important role in guinea pig society), she can manipulate the others, even Pookie Boy (who is the alpha) to let her do whatever she wants - eat in the food dish she wants, wrestle the pigloo away from one of the others, get the warmest spot on the pillows when they're roaming outside, get groomed when she wants it and be left alone when she wants that.

She is also sleek, healthy, curious and a good eater - all those signs you want to see in happy guinea pigs.

So it was with no concern that I brought her to the vet this morning for her annual physical. And then it was with great shock when our lovely vet found a very palpable mass along her mammary track. And now it's two hours later and she's still at the vet for emergency surgery, which will be performed at 3:00.

Well, I'm sure that some of you are saying - crazy person - she's having surgery done, on a guinea pig?!

Well, yes. They are our little, furry companions and they've been good friends, and any creature who is under my roof (except many of the 6-legged kinds) will be treated with kindness, care and medical care.

So, I'm distracted, edgy and just waiting for the call from the vet. And even after today we won't know if she's going to make it - whether this is a benign tumor, a lymph situation or the guinea pig equivalent of breast cancer.

I'm just hoping she makes it okay. And that it's nothing. And that we get to keep her around for the next 3 - 5 years that would be her normal life span.

She's a good pook. And here she is:


Charity Tahmaseb said...

Oh, I'm hoping everything is okay. She looks like a sweetie.

Marianne Arkins said...

I hope everything turns out fine... I can completely sympathize, having owned my fair share of rodents (primarily rats). They are terrifically good pets, and I can only imagine how worried you must be.

Let us know how things go.

Jami said...

I totally understand taking care of the furry segments of your family. I will not go into details of how much money we have spent over the years on pet doctors for all kinds of pets but it has been a HUGE amount, I'm sure.

I hope Pookie Girl comes through just fine.

Liz Dwyer said...

What a cutie! I hope the surgery turns out alright. Keeping fingers crossed.

Goofball said...

oooh what a cutie! Do you have more information already? Is she going to make it?

Madam Crunchypants said...

awww! She's got the same hairstyle as me!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Marianne Arkins said...

How's Pookie?

anno said...

Doesn't seem crazy at all. Of course you're going to take care of her. I hope all goes well today, and that this turns out to be nothing at all to worry about.

Wholly Burble said...

This certainly explains your having a rough day--she looks like a real dolly baby!

Rebecca said...

aaaw - she is a very!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand! Our pets are like members of the family. Why have them if you won't care for them?