Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nikki Leigh Lady Lightkeeper Tour

Today I am happy to take part in my first ever virtual book tour. I'll be hosting Nikki Leigh, author of Widow's Walk, Lilah and the Locket and now, Lady Lightkeeper, the second in her Misty Cove series. Nikki also has an active promotion business, which she'll tell you about, below. Here is the blurb from Lady Lightkeeper:

Lizbeth is a woman of uncommon strength and determination and that's one of the things that her husband William, loves about her. When an unexpected turn of events cuts Lizbeth's happiness short, that strength is tested in ways she never imagined. Her children are growing up in a time and place where death and loss are a common part of life.

While she struggles with her own fears, she must help her children find their way through an uncertain future. Lizbeth keeps an almost obsessive vigil from the lighthouse catwalk. This makes her the ideal choice for the new lightkeeper for the Stormy View lighthouse. She must decide if she's ready to move forward. Misty Cove residents are concerned about whether Duncan, the assistant lightkeeper, is hiding a dark secret? What long-buried secrets will challenge Lizbeth as she makes the journey through the pages of Lady Lightkeeper?

An here is our interview:

What attracts you to lighthouses and the sea? How did you get started with this as a setting?

I have always loved the ocean and the coast and lighthouses and the history surrounding them fascinates me. So, setting my stories around lighthouses seemed like a natural thing to do. Its also given me an excuse learn more about lighthouses, the lifesaving service and a couple of areas on the east coast.

You mention that Lilah and the Locket is a very different kind of book. Are the Misty Cove books staying in your future, or are you enjoying 1950s Cape Hatteras more?

The Misty Cove books all have elements of suspense throughout the story and the characters are involved with the history of the lighthouse that I feature in the stories. However, Lilah is a cozy mystery and I plan to make the rest of my books mysteries. The third book in the historic Misty Cove book could have a mystery, but I'm just starting to round out my ideas for the book. I enjoy both of the series, although the Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras is a favorite vacation location for me. I've enjoyed learning more about the history of Cape Hatteras and Cape Ann.

Do you prefer writing series or writing stand alone books?

So far, I've got plans to make my books part of series. A series gives the author and the reader a chance to get to know the characters and the setting in so much more detail. I've enjoyed spending over 20 years (in her life, not mine) with Lizbeth and her family.

For fans of Widow's Walk, what similarities can readers look forward to in Lady Light Keeper?

Almost all of the main characters are back. Lizbeth is just the way you remember her. Sara gets to have more of “her own life” in this book. You will see Aidan and Marta as they grow up. Also, I reveal the answer to a question that lingered for many people at the end of Widow's Walk. There was also a secret buried in Widow's Walk and the secret is revealed and resolved in Lady Lightkeeper. For fans of Ida Gardner, she is back and she's still got a grudge against Lizbeth. There is also plenty of lighthouse detail, history and a shipwreck rescue.

What kind of projects are you looking forward to working on in the future?

It's quite a list, but I'll give you the scoop on what's coming -

1- Journeys of a Lifetime - Readers' Station anthology - November release

2 - Book Promo 101 - Basics of Book Promotion - release in November

3 - Book Promo - Writers' Resource Ebook - November release

4 - Stormy Shores - re-release of contemporary Misty Cove book - late this year

5 - A Whisper on the Waves - a short story about Sara arriving in America in the early 1800's. This story brings her to America and to the Sullivan household.

6 - I'm starting to plan Rebels and Rogues - 3rd book in Misty Cove series. This book will move the focus of the story to Wilmington, NC in 1864-1865 and you will meet friends and family of Duncan Jones (from Lady Lightkeeper). Aidan will be a central character in this story, but we will still visit Lizbeth and Sara.

7 - I'm planning to write Book Promo 201 in November and December for release in early 2008.

8 - There is also some initial planning for a sequel to Lilah and the Locket. Kristie, Nathan and Lilah will be back and Kristie is expecting a baby.

9 - I'm also working on plans for some new promotional services for authors. For more information, visit

10 - I've got a place to offer classes for authors and I hope to have a class based on Book Promo 101 and a series of character development classes available around January or February.

To keep up with the latest news, visit and Any author who would like to learn about a free way to promote their books should visit and look for Book Promotion for You in the left column.

Anyone who posts a comment to this blog will be entered in a giveaway (please include some way to reach you via e-mail). I'm giving one copy of Lady Lightkeeper to one commenter from the tour. Also, for anyone who buys a copy of Lady Lightkeeper this month, needs to email me their receipt and they will be entered in a drawing for a free copy of Widow's Walk. Any questions, feel free to contact me -

Thank you very much for letting me visit with you today.

Nikki Leigh


Nikki Leigh said...

Thank you so much for hosting me today :) Remember, any comments today will qualify you to be entered in the drawing to win a copy of Lady Lightkeeper :)

Nikki Leigh

Marianne Arkins said...

Nikki, I'm so glad to hear you're writing another sequel! Yay!

And welcome to Jen's blog. I'll be needing your promotional book soon... when's it out again?

anno said...

Nikki, congratulations on your new book! I share your love of lighthouses and coastal areas, and I enjoyed your take on writing series as opposed to standalone novels. Good luck with your virtual book tour!

Jen, thanks for providing this glimpse into another writer's life. And when will we see you on book tour?

Rebecca said...

Nikki - congratulations - your books sound wonderful - I clicked on the links to check out your books further but the links didn't work?? (it may well be me :) )

shall google your name and see what I can come up with.

and Jen, like Anno, I too love these kind of posts!

Nikki Leigh said...

Thank you all for your comments :) The main link to my website is Book Promo 101 is in the final layout stages for the ebook and I'm hoping it will be out within a week. There will be a HUGE announcement on my blog - when its available. We are working to have the print copy available by the end of October, but that will depend on Booksurge :) If you would like me to add you to my mailing list, just drop me a note at and you will know everything as soon as its official :)

I have a promotional blog where I post interviews and I also have a series of promotional blogs that are open to all authors. For more details, visit - and there are links to many articles I wrote and interviews etc. You're welcome to comment there too :)

For full info about the promo blogs - visit

Nikki Leigh