Wednesday, September 5, 2007

10 Things I Love that Begin with the Letter "D"

Before I start my "lite-write" for today (and lord knows I needed a "lite-write" after yesterday), I thought I'd share that DS got through his first day with flying colors, and it was only a slightly nervous boy that left for school this morning. And his mom is less nervous, too. And his first day was so unusual because his school is just so darned neat, that I'm going to make that a separate entry, but I just don't feel like writing about it today, so there!

Now, on to the "lite-write":

I first saw this challenge on Anno's place, who apparently saw it on Marianne's blog (not sure how I missed Marianne's posting) but in any case, here's my list:

1. My Dear Husband - D. How could any list not start without him? How could any day not start without him? He's my handsome, sexy rock, my bff, occasionally my frustration, my jokester, and I've never (or at least, rarely) spent a day regretting marrying him 17 years ago. May we have many, many more.

2. The Dixie Chicks - not only do they ROCK as musicians, but any women who can stick it to Bush and stay true to themselves and THEN win a whole mess of grammy awards has my vote any day.

3. Mr. Darcy - my ideal "man". (Especially as played by Colin Firth). Another true-to-himself kind of guy. I could do without the social snobbery, but his sense of moral responsibility and his genuine love of Elizabeth sways me each time I read Pride and Prejudice.

4. Drifting - I really love drifting down a river in an inner tube. I even like those "lazy river" things, if they're not crowded. And I love to drift as a tourist - especially in a foreign land. I like to explore in a leisurely manner, so drifting seems like just the perfect descripter.

5. Daiquiri - A frosty banana or strawberry daiquiri can instantly transport me to Caribbean vacations of my childhood. Not that I was drinking them then, mind you, but they taste to me like St. Maarten or St. Croix or Martinique in a glass. One of the first things my dad would do is to order a daiquiri on the first night before dinner. And since he was from Boston, it was daaa-kiri. He also enjoyed Planter's Punch, and so do I, but that doesn't start with a "d".

6. Dragons - my favorite mythological creatures. An especial favorite right now is Sapphira from Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Trilogy. I'm also very partial to
from Kazul from Dealing with Dragons. I even have some affection for Smaug, whose "breath is death."

7. Dessert!!! Oh my goodness, dessert, dessert, dessert! And while I've always loved dessert, my tastes have changed over the years. As a child there was nothing better than a brownie sundae. These days, I'd rather have something like Apricot Chestnut Tarte Tatin from Amanda's wonderful Figs Olives Wine blog.

8. And speaking of dessert... DARK CHOCOLATE. Nothing finer. Fruit be damned.

9. David Lipshitz. Okay, so he's a character. My character from my still-unpublished YA novel A Changeling Goes to the Prom. But if I could have had my dream boyfriend in high school, David Lipshitz would probably be it (minus the unfortunate name and the werewolf thing).

10. Donuts. Yes, they're horrendously bad for you. But a dark chocolate-covered (see above), pastry cream-filled Boston Creme donut from the Crescent Bakery, warm out of the oven, is a close to pinnacle (you can insert another adjective of choice here, but there are kids who read this blog, so use your imagination) experience. Just trust me on this one.


Rebecca said...

donuts - yum! I love them hot with cinnamon and sugar. and the Dixie Chicks - yay!

and David Lipshitz - hope I get to 'meet' him one day! even if he is a werewolf.

Unknown said... mention of Darcy resurrected a guilt in me regarding a test over said book that I completely bluffed my way through as I hadn't read the book. Still haven't. After all of these years it feels too much like an obligation to read it. Glad you enjoyed it!

pseudowife said...

Good list. (I particularly like the emphasis on bad for you yummy stuff.)

Anonymous said...

I just got a chance to taste (OK, gobble and hog) dark chocolate covered edamame. It feels like its is at least semi-healthy but mostly it is just plain good. My friend got it from Trader Joe's and it took lots of will power not to drive across town to get some for myself.

anno said...

What a great list!

I love David Lipshitz, too. My favorite werewolf, ever.

And daquiris? I never knew. And here I've been plying you with glasses of wine all along...

Thanks for playing along!

soccer mom in denial said...

I'm glad school went well for the big guy.

Guess what - I too LOVE the Dixie Chicks and Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice.

But I'm sorry, isn't daiquiri pronounced "daaa-kiri"? That is the wicked cool way of saying it.

Jen said...

I hope you get to meet David, too, Becky... and he really isn't much of a werewolf, just sort of a one ;-)

Greg, you know it's so funny - I taught P&P last year and the girls universally loved it and the guys universally hated it. I know there are men who like Jane Austen, but I think they may be few and far between.

Oooo... Linda, I did NOT need that information about the edamame. I'm going to be near TJ's entirely too soon!

Anno, I'm actually a closet froo-froo drinker - but I can't resume until after this darned hives med is done!

And SMID - of course, you're right!
The ONLY wicked cool way of saying it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Okay. I have a confession to make that just may change your opinion of me completely. Are you ready?

I have never read Pride and Prejudice.

It's awful. I know.

Luisa Perkins said...

Holy freakout, what an awesome list! We have even more in common than I previously thought.

jennifer said...

Dogs! Donuts are up there, too. Definitely.

Fourier Analyst said...

With you on all but 1, 5, & 9. For 1 substitute my sweetie! For 5 I go for Margaritas (less sweet). And I reserve judgement on 9 until you get him on paper (hint, hint!). Great "lite" reading though!

Jen said...

Leslie, you should really read it. It's wonderful. Truly. No guilt, though, lol! I didn't totally get into Jane Austen until I was pregnant with DS and I had a Regency England craving instead of food cravings, apparently. I gobbled her books. And P&P is definitely my fave.

Luisa - we should compare notes!

Jennifer - I'm fond of certain dogs, Anno's Conor O'Neill being one of them, but I'm one of those dreaded "cat" people... And now I'm a guinea pig person, since DH is allergic to cats AND dogs!

FA - I completely agree with you about Margaritas, but I didn't have the letter M. I believe Rebecca James might have them on her list. And I DO have David on paper. I just need him on PUBLISHED paper, now. ;-)

Suburban Island said...

Dark chocolate, a donut, a nice daquiri, and Mr. Darcy... perfect. I wrote a post on reading books about Mr. Darcy while sippingo on exotic drinks on a beach in Jamaica - I am on a big Jane Austen reading run right now.