Monday, February 9, 2009

Music Monday: "Easy Silence"

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The start of this year, despite some new feelings of hope, has been stressful for many, including me.

In many respects, I'm an introvert in the sense that I need alone time to regenerate. For the most part, I hate the phone. I also don't really like instant messages, especially when I'm trying to get work done. A challenge I face working several jobs part time, most of them from home, is that people don't understand that you do, in fact, work, and they often feel that any time they call or contact you that you should be "free" to talk, since you have a flexible schedule.

One place of refuge is my family. We are all kind of quiet, kind of nerdy. We're pretty happy to hang out together reading or following individual pursuits.

This song pretty much sums up how I've been feeling lately - anyone or any place that gives me that "Easy Silence", that refuge from the chatter that is everyday life, is a true gift right now.

And speaking of which, I think the Dixie Chicks are a true gift in and of themselves:


April said...

I too hate IMing! I think my favorite part of the cruise were those times I spent by myself.

soccer mom in denial said...

I can't stand IM and won't Tweeter or whatever that is. I'm with you on the constant interuptions.

I just love the Chicks. Thank you for bringing that song back to me.

Luisa Perkins said...

It's so nice to get an update from you. Love it!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, do I share these feelings with you.... I simply cannot get enough (shall I say 'any')Easy Silence...I turn off my cell phone; monitor the phone calls at the house and wish I could sometimes throw out email....I refuse to Twitter, will not go onto to Facebook or's one reason why I decided to stop blogging for a while...I really need that Easy Silence...thanks for the great song!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard this song in forever. I love nights at home when we tune everything out. It doesn't get to happen often but it's a real gift when it does.

anno said...

Phones, IMs, and twitter... gah!!!!

This song you posted, though, is beautiful. I didn't know it before, and now I'm glad I do. Thanks!

Betsy said...

I hate phones, Twitter and IM's too! Which is why I felt doubly guilty after ambushing you with that IM a couple of weeks ago. I normally never do that-- it was just one of those impulsive things. Next time I'll send you an email. or knock, or something else civilized, OK?

I love this song too-- brings back some very bittersweet memories for me. Thanks for posting it!

Meg said...

Silence, stillness, warmth--these are things I crave more and more.

Must mean we're getting old.

Jen said...

April, I've loved alone times on vacation, as well.

SMID - For me, those interruptions kind of break my train of thought, although I enjoy some of the chats. And me, too - just LOVE those chicks!

Luisa - This has been a hard month to update, I'm afraid.

Hotmama, I wonder if part of this is an... I hate to say it... age thing? ;-) I know my tolerance for the "excess noise" has sure gone down over the years.

Dingo, I love this whole album. It's a gem. And we don't have that many nights like that, either. They're always good, though.

Anno - I should pass on some of that music to you, they really have some brilliant lyrics and music.

Betsy - I didn't even get the IM!!! YIKES - I would have liked one from you because we haven't gotten to "talk" - but actually, I never saw it, sadly.

Yeah, Meg, that's what I was saying to HotMama, lol.

Goofball said...

I'll try not to "jump" on you anymore everytime I see your name somewhere online. I hope I didn't annoy you or scared you to stay offline (as I truly don't see you coming online anymore at all now)

but I simply miss our talks.

Anonymous said...

it's interesting, since i started working at a school (and out of the corporate world where, weirdly enough, i had more flexibility w/ chatting) i find the same thing w/ friends - annoyed that you can't talk, email or IM during work hours. i have NO time to do anything... plus i'm a school counselor so the lasst thing i feel like doing when i get home is calling and talking and/or listening.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

Great song. I totally know what you mean. Some days, I don't even want to make anything, I just want to relax and zone and go into an Easy Silence.

Momisodes said...

I'm with you on the alone time and IMing. Some days I really need to just slap on my head phones, sit in a room by myself and just be.
I'm guilty of making myself "invisible" on chat most of the day.

Jen said...

Goofball... it's fine to say hi. It's just that many times these days I'm not actually online or available to chat. Believe it or not I *just* found the away button for Facebook, so now I can be accurate about when I'm available or not, but I miss our chats, too. ;-) Life has just been very busy and exhausting.

We Are Never Full - I think for many of us who work with kids or with helping others, there needs to be some part of the day that's quiet and when we don't need to "listen" to anyone - couldn't agree more!

Brittany, if I were an artist like you, I know I'd need that zone to feel rejuvenated and feel like creating.

Momisodes - I don't think that makes you "guilty" at all - we all need some boundaries to get work done, or think or whatever. All this easy communication is wonderful, but it's also a lot unless you're a complete and total extrovert.

painted maypole said...

it's ok to ignore the phone. hell, I'm an extrovert and I ignore the phone.

Flower Child said...

I LOVE this song. makes me cry but in a good way. sooooo great. refuge.

Jen said...

PM... good words from an extrovert! This made me smile.

FC - I just love the whole album. So many great songs. "I Hope" is another huge favorite on my end.

Vivienne said...

Thanks for sharing the music. I always wondered about the Dixie Chicks but didn't take the trouble to find out about them. I liked it.

Good points about needing private time during the day, especially when you are working. I have one friend who makes it clear that she is not available in the morning, set aside for writing. A good discipline.