Monday, February 23, 2009

Music Monday: Blogger Aid - "Imagine"

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So, just what is Blogger Aid? Blogger Aid is the brain child of Ivy, Giz and Val and has been set up to raise money for the United Nations' World Food Programme, which helps children all over the globe. Since this is an international group, the World Food Programme was a wonderful choice. Blogger Aid is primarily a group of food bloggers, and the major fundraiser will be the Blogger Aid cookbook. I'll have more about the cookbook in future posts. It's not too late to join and help - join the Blogger Aid ning group and you can learn more. Just click on the link below.

There's a meme going around Facebook that asks for your 20 most influential albums. This is definitely up my alley, and I'm planning to play for real next week here. It got me thinking, however, about which "inspirational" songs have hit me most over the years. I'm not talking about spiritually inspirational - that would be a whole 'nother post, but more the banner songs that have been written for causes: Band Aid, Farm Aid,, Melissa Etheridge's "I Run for Life". I've loved various pieces that have been written for these causes over the years, and I've loved the compilation projects that have come out of these fundraisers.

As I thought and thought about what to include on a "list", however, I realized that I indiscriminately love many of these songs - they're filled with great hope and joy and cooperation.

But then one song kept coming back to me as the granddaddy of them all. Yes, I know there was great protest music long before this song was written, but there's something about this one song that seemed, for me, to turn the world on its proverbial ear, and to give hope for a generation and beyond.

So for this, and for so many brilliant songs, I turn to John Lennon:


Mae Travels said...

I find it's very hard to relate to the original meaning of "Imagine," which referred to a cold-war world where human nature did not seem totally committed to war as a way of life.

The religious and cultural conflicts of the 21st century to me make "Imagine" seem like a quaint fairy tale, not a first step for solving problems. You can't imagine the Taliban out of existence the way you could imagine the cold warriors coming together.

But like most Beatles songs, it's still a great song. I listen to them all the time. But not for politics.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

I have always enjoyed this song by John Lennon. My new latest song that I am really enjoying in Living Darfur by Mattafix that I posted on BloggerAid. Thank you for raising awareness Jenn and for devoting an entire week to BloggerAid and all of its members who are united against hunger.You Rock:D

Anonymous said...

I find the soundtrack to Hair (the Broadway musical, not the movie) inspirational. When I saw it at the outdoor amphitheater in the park this summer, I thought the frustration, anger, and hope were just as relevant today as it was when it first came out.

giz said...

I'm so appreciative of your energy to this cause. Inspiration in music is pretty personal. None of us wants to be political about feeding hungry children - all we care about is doing the right thing. If more people in the world let politics go and really worked at doing the right thing...Imagine!!! what a world we'd really have. I love the song.

Jen said...

Well, Mae, I don't think I'm really inspired by it politically as I am in an optimists reality that I would love to see for the world. I just love the message - and I was looking for the inspiration of volunteers - of folks who make a difference, like Ivy, Giz and Val and others who come up with an idea to help others. That's really more what I meant.

Val, I'll have to listen to that track... I also have to get more active on the ning site. I'm delighted that the deadline was extended and I can truly participate now.

Dingo, I think you're very, very right. I think "Easy to be Hard" is one of the most poignant songs of all time. Great reminder!

Giz, I'm with you on this... I see this as hope and trying to make a difference in the world. And that can only be a good thing. ;-)

Ivy said...

"Imagine" was and still is one of the few songs which give me a shiver when I listen to it. Thanks for the shout out Jenn and "imagine" how happy these people would be if they had a plate of food every day.

Jen said...

That's the whole point, Ivy. And thanks so much to the three of you for doing this!

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I've always loved this song. I agree with Ivy, I get shivers when I listen to it. I want to smile and cry at the same time.

Paola Westbeek said...

I love John Lennon. I still remember visiting Strawberry Fields (NYC) every year for his birthday and on the 8th of December.

Thanks for posting this brilliant song.