Sunday, October 5, 2008

URGENT - Voter Registration in Michigan!!!

Michigan - tomorrow is the voter registration deadline.

If you are not registered to vote by tomorrow, you will not be allowed to vote in this Presidential election.

It is very easy to get registered. If you are reading this entry, you can be registered, from the same computer you're reading this on, and that same desk chair you're sitting in now. You can be registered within ten minutes.

Go to

They'll hook you up.

It's that simple.

Do it now, unless you just don't care about:

the economy
the war in Iraq
the war in Afghanistan
the costs of health care
access to health care
decent education for our children
veteran's benefits
social security benefits

And I know you do.



It's that simple.

Even if you're not from Michigan.

Just do it.


April said...

It's so frustrating to me that more people vote for American Idol than they do our country's leaders. Now, that's unAmerican!!

Thanks, Jen, as always!

Peter M said...

I'm a "maverick" I get to vote? lol

Goofball said...

you don't need to be from Michigan? can a Belgian vote? I'd like to do so if I could!

Goofball said...

darn, it didn't let me. It doesn't accept my foreign zip code :p

Núria said...

Jen, I just hope that all your efforts are worth the result!!! You'll be on my mind the day of the elections... you worked so hard :D

thailandchani said...

I do hope plenty of people vote this time. This is reminding me a lot of the Clinton election. Lots of new registered voters and such.


Ben said...

After many conversations Jon finally registered, this would be the first time he votes and I am so happy for that!

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

This election is too important. I hope people do get out and vote!

Luisa Perkins said...

Do what Jen says, people!

Momisodes said...

Thank you for the reminder. I am also posting a reminder on a social community as a reminder. In many states, the deadline was Monday, but others have until a few days before the election.
Here is a link that lists state by state when registration deadlines are :)