Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Week

My desk:

a stack of unread essays and creative writing pieces
food journal
3 Obama buttons
pictures of my Swedish and German daughters, sent as a surprise (they pretended they didn't meet when S was in Stockholm)
Kohl's cash certificate (I think I only go shopping when one of the "girls" is in town)
two portable phones - one removed from another part of the house when my mother called
cell phone (in case my mother calls while someone else is on the landline)
a recipe for S's favorite meringue cookies
notes for the Blog Action Day entry I wasn't able to write due to other crises that day
calendar for tech week for C - 1940s Radio Hour
unfilled prescription for sulfasalazine that I'm afraid to start. D-Day is Wednesday.

My browser:

AOL Mail
info on a broken coccyx
half-written e-mails to students
google reader (hah!)
yahoo news
C's e-mail account since he's too busy (with tech week) to check his e-mails and he's waiting for an e-mail from a teacher

My kitchen:

most surfaces covered
apples on the counter from this morning's trip to the farmers market
meringues in oven
huge, fresh chicken in the fridge, awaiting roasting later for S's last supper before she flies back to Germany tomorrow night

Dining room table:

math, math, math, math
a calculator
a textbook
Dorie Greenspan's Baking: From My Home to Yours from the library and due too soon (and now on my Christmas list)
Heartless by Allison Gaylin (now all I need is the time to read it)

Living room couch area:

two issues of The Week that inexplicably arrived at the same time
mail that isn't bills
papers left over from parent/teacher conferences
notes from a presentation on study skills for high school students
another copy of C's tech schedule
money S owed us for shopping
Haribo Color Rado licorice
various fantasy books on the floor by where C hangs out
Twilight which S is reading now
the checkbook I was looking for earlier


four separate piles of laundry

It's been a long week.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. I'll be back when I'm out from under.


glamah16 said...

S****. almost reminds me of my dsek and life. Take it easy ny friend.

thailandchani said...

I also have SparkPeople up on my browser. Now.. if I'd just do the exercises instead of looking at it... hmmmm... :)


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me? We are remodeling and I'd kill for that much structure, hehehe

Goofball said...

I am so glad you're still alive...started to worry by so much offline presence by you! I do hope you resurface soon

Jen said...

Thanks, Glamah!

Chani - I'm actually getting there. I still have to get my eating waaaayyyyy under control.

Jerri Ann - been there, done that - my heart goes out to you.

Thanks, Goofball!

Anonymous said...

I love this! It's given me an idea for a post. If I get around to writing it, I'll make sure to link to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry - it sounds overwhelming, even though I know you'll handle it.

But honestly, thank you for making me feel better about my piles of stuff.

Jen said...

Dingo... glad it's inspirational. It actually helped me to write it out.

Thanks, Jerseygirl! I'm starting to feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel, so that's a relief.

Brittany | the Home Ground said...

I just hate weeks like that! I hope you get through it alright.

anno said...

When you're ready to decompress, let me know! Sounds like it's time for an evening at The Earle... sending many hugs your way.

Alex Elliot said...

I have so much stuff that needs to be put away right now that I would need to take several breaks from writing a post about it to have a glass of wine! I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Korie said...

Wait, what's the sulfasalazine for? Do you have Crohn's?
And regardless I hope you can get all those things finished or tidied or whatever needs to be done so that you can relax!

Jen said...

Brittany - thanks... I will. ;-) It's just crunch time right now.

Oh, Anno, indeed!

Alex.... hmmm... wine - now there's an idea!

Lilac it's for psoriatic arthritis. I'm really, really not looking forward. Ugh. But if I have the side effects, he's going to let me quit.

diana murphy said...

Two issues of The Week delivered together. Hah! Seems an apt "coincidence" given all that's going on here.

April said...

Ugh - I know the feeling! Hope you're able to get out from under a bit.

Núria said...

He, he! Fun post :D. Dearest Jen, your description could be my house easily! Since I blog and cook and photograph... there's like nothing else to do in the house...

painted maypole said...

oh that sounds a lot like my house. And I'm having company in two days. must start shovelling...

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

just reading the list made me tired. :)

Jen said...

Diana - I really DID find that odd... so weird! Needless to say, I haven't had time to read either, lol.

April - I'm getting there! Yay!

Oh, Nuria, I can so relate! And add to that two MEN/BOYS who really think the more mess, the better.

PM, the sad thing is, that I DID shovel - just a week ago before S came to town...

NYC, it made me tired writing it. ;-)

Liz Dwyer said...

I love this post. It's exactly what my house looks like and then I sit around and feel guilty because it's not spotless. The thing is, it doesn't have to be spotless if you're living in it! Whew.

Jen said...

I so agree, LA. I actually do function better in a less cluttered environment, though, partly because then the clutter (like this clutter) reminds me of all the things to attend to. Yikes! I'm catching up, though.

Anonymous said...

I feel you, Jen. I FEEL YOU.

Jen said...

Oh, I bet you do, Leslie! I can't even remember the days of having an infant... and you add a preschooler and creative projects to the mix. ;-)