Friday, August 3, 2007

Fifteen Haiku about the Farmers Market

Friday Fifteen

1. 7 am early
Are there any good things left?
not enough to park

2. Lush ripe tomatoes
smiling from their basket-stand
pick one - happy bite!

3. yeast/sugar odor
tantalyzing everyone
drawn to this stall now

4. elderly woman
fights cane against young mother
with fancy stroller

5. How much is the price?
As much as you'll pay for it
You put the herbs down.

6. Heirloom vegetables
organic everything - quick!
Catch before they're gone

7. No cookies yet, Love.
It's before breakfast - too soon.
tears trail down sad face.

8. Cheese! Fresh mozzarella
Just made this morning - still warm
salt wash delicious

9. Proud she sits with sweet
potato pies and home-baked
muffins - her offer

10. Blueberry lady
Always makes me glad she smiles
talks her week and mine

11. Peaches in August
Zucchini in July - fresh
Greens in rainy spring

12. Rain heavy on roof
Will business still be enough?
Farmers stand worried

13. Tantre Farm - best!
My CSA home-bounty
Vegetables galore

14. Savor warm berries
hot bread with melting icing
wash with strong coffee

15. Everyone you know
Will stop here on sunny days
early risers or not

Okay... I'm suckered into it! I'm entering Leslie's Haiku Buckaroo Contest!


CableGirl said...

15 haiku? holy shit. You went all out. lol

Anonymous said...

I liked these.. I'm craving some fresh farmer's market veggies now!

MommaBoo said...

What "neat" haiikus!

I enjoyed reading them.

Happy Weekend!

Jen said...

Cable girl - I think the "muse" rewarded me for getting house cleaning done early this morning. I think I got in the "m&M" mood - couldn't stop at just one, lol.

Jenn - I was actually thinking of Wednesday's market, and I am now, too!

Thanks for stopping by, Jennieboo!

Charity Tahmaseb said...

Oh, much fun. And what do you know. I have some haiku just lying around. Because, don't we all.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Jen! 15! In one post! That's a contest record, I think. I love them. It's amazing how descriptive you can be with so few words.

anno said...

These are great! My favorites are #2, 5, 7, 11, and 14. I'm kind of craving a trip to the farmer's market as well.

Marianne Arkins said...

GACK... Now I'm starving.

Very cute :-)

Fourier Analyst said...

Okay, now you too are addicted. We're planning on lynching Jenn-in-Holland and have something special in mind for Leslie who started all this!! Wanna be part?

Yes, back from vacation and have been busy reading and commenting. Am now composing tomorrow's post. Feeling some pressure, however, to live up to such high expectations!!

Anonymous said...

#7 is definitely my favorite, bittersweet as it is. It takes a lot of muscle to crank out 15 haiku!

You should visit Haiku for You. It's a new collaborative art project I think you'll enjoy!

Unknown said...

Basho would be proud !

jennifer said...

Oh, you made me hungry Jen. I love haiku- sweet and simple writing. The hardest kind.

Irishcoda said...

These are great!!! I enjoyed reading them, love fresh fruits & veggies & now got a hankering for some!

Rebecca said...

wow - you shoule definitely enter that haiku contest. these were great - made me hungry too. :)

Jen said...

Thanks so much, everyone. Nina, I will definitely check out that site.

And yes, Fourier, I want IN, lol!