Thursday, August 30, 2007

Compositions - Friday Fifteen

Friday Fifteen

1. Wake up at 4:20 a.m. and begin reading articles on the obscure detail of your novel that woke you up.
2. Brainstorm with dear husband about the detail of your mystery that wakes you up at 4:20 a.m.
3. Work on plot points for the novel. Things are still sticking in your craw despite your husband's excellent suggestions. This is like a song stuck in your head. See Pseudowife for explanation.
4. Plan menu for family dinner tomorrow night - it's a sort of birthday dinner for your beloved SIL and you want her to like the foods, even though you know she'll just be happy to be seeing everyone.
5. Menu: almond/fig mix and olives for appetizers, grilled chicken with lemon balm pesto, roasted green beans with pine nuts and parmesan, pickled carrots, sliced tomatoes and rosemary-cornbread for the main course, apple-cherry-ginger cake for dessert.
6. Make apple cake today. Roast green beans today. Chop apples, mix flours, mince ginger, add the wet, blend, pour into the baking pan.
7. What detectives do you know? Can you interview them? Would any of your Russian connections know mafiosi? (Probably not).
8. Taste the pickled carrots that you put together last night. The vinegar is too strong. More honey? Will the dill fix it?
9. Can you call the guy at U. of M. to find out about sports betting? Is sports betting viable?
10. Would a terrorist be better?
11. You prep the green beans as the cake bakes. Smells of apples and ginger permeate the house.
12. Do exercises in the Hallie Ephron book. These are more useful than expected. All the exercises have been useful - unusual for this type of book. File away for future reference.
13. Take the cake out. Turn the oven to "roast." Toss the green beans with olive oil and roast. The salty aroma of the roasting beans supplants the earlier cake smell. But it's all good.
14. Write prompt. 15 minutes of energy bursting onto the page. WC - 500. About the norm.
15. Take beans out of the oven. Save files. The dinner will be ready on time. The novel will take some more time.


Fourier Analyst said...

I'm glad you are finding time to write in your busy life. Don't get too distracted because we all want to read it not just read about it!!

Hang in there!

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, good grief. I worship you. I totally identifiy with this entire list.

Will you be a dear and share the recipe for that amazing-sounding cake?

jennifer said...

Jenn, you really impress me. That multi tasking stuff is exhausting, and even though I'm forced to multi task as most women are, I'm no where near as good at it as you. Something inevitably burns! (I just burnt my toast, as I write!)

Unknown said...

Your list made me long for a good mystery and a plate of good food.

anno said...

I love the interspersion of terrorists with grilled chicken and roasted green beans! Perhaps you could serve them a la carte?

Rebecca said...

mafiosi? detectives? sports betting? terrorists? your book sounds utterly compelling!

and that food - yummo - I wish you were my SIL. :)

Jen said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement, FA! And believe me, I'm trying to get my writing in, lol.

Luisa - I'll share the recipe soon - I think I need to post a recipe day tomorrow or Monday. It's a great cake, and very flexible - it's a good "use things up" kind of cake!

Oh, Jennifer, I'm not so good at multitasking - I was just having fun putting this together because it seemed like I was working on two compositions, albeit in different media, yesterday! And it was all fun work, which always makes multitasking more doable.

Thanks, Greg! That combination always sounds good to me.

Anno, I'm not sure the terrorist would taste good with the green beans. I think the chicken is probably a better choice ;-)

Thanks so much, Rebecca! And these are all ideas I'm playing with... it's part of what I'm working out now.

CableGirl said...

Wow. I envy your ability to schedule your time. I've been promising myself since I went on maternity leave that I would make spare time to get back to my writing and never have.

You are my hero for the week, Jen. :)

Anonymous said...

Jen, you are just amazing! You have me wondering about your novel, now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by to check out my list on cool WV places...

I'm a transplant from Baltimore (county), MD...but have lived here most of my life... and I love it... Just wish the economy was better. *sigh*

Love your list too... especially the food prep...sounds nummy. Ha, ha...

Marianne Arkins said...

I love this post... It's a perfect "day in the life of a writer".

I may have to hit you up so I can post it as an article at LASR. Seriously.

Gunfighter said...

Perhaps I can help you with police procedural questions.

I like your blog... and you have some coolf friends!