Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Day Out of the Kitchen

It's perfect outside today.

I've been able to re-open my house to the elements. Gentle breezes have kept us refreshed and happy all day.

I was going to make some killer lasagna for dinner. Then I realized how the oven would steam everything up and I decided on pasta with sauce instead.

As usual, I have a ton of things to use up, so the sauce will still be cooking, but I've managed to stay out of the kitchen for the day. I made a big dent in The Scarlet Letter (almost finished!), had plenty of time for blog reading, worked out, got to the dentist, worked on various household projects, continued reorganizing our finances and had an unexpected lunch with a good friend who's out of town for the summer and just happened to be in today.

We sat out on her deck and ate fresh greens, grape tomatoes and broccoli from her garden. With that breeze.

This is what summer is for.


anno said...

What a perfect summer day -- proof that there can be time for everything in a bare 24 hours.

pseudowife said...

Sunny deck, good friend, garden fresh veggies, gentle breeze. Sounds like heaven.

Rebecca said...

sounds delightful - can't WAIT till it's warm enough down under to invite some breezes back into my place!!

Goofball said...

'I've been able to re-open my house to the elements'

oh I love that phrase. You seem to write so smoothly, as a reader you are swallowed by the summer atmosphere while reading these posts. You can see you are used to working with literature! It makes me wonder how square and unnatural or boring my phrases probably are (and full of spelling mistakes if I type late at night being too tired already). Oh well, I have a good excuse: I am not typing in my mother language :p.

still, I like your writing style!