Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beeps and Bleeps

It's one of those typical Michigan summer days. Brilliant sunshine and steamy atmosphere, which quickly shot to cool and breezy, then to full blown storm, and now back to brilliant and steamy.

For some, this just feels like home. For others, like my son, it's headache-inducing.

So he's lying down, trying to lick his migraine, while I continue to putter with summer fruits and vegetables. The first flaming fury peaches made their appearance at the Farmer's Market yesterday, so they were combined with second-week blueberries and made into a cobbler.

This recently beeped at me, letting me know that I probably cooked it too long. I'm still getting used to a new kitchen set-up and equipment, and I have realized that I probably need to cook things for a bit less time in my new convection oven, but out of habit, I still use the settings of the old times for my distinctly lower-tech previous oven.

The cobbler came out bursting and bubbly and a lovely maroon/purple color, so at least we'll have a colorful dessert. The smell is right, too, so it may be that the timing was fine and I have something else to be grateful for.

Now for the bleep.

At the orthodontist's today, the doctor asked us what we'd done for the 4th. It turns out she was equally unimpressed with our local parade, which she had seen for the first time. "So anyone can walk in this parade, right?" she asked.

Yes. Apparently.


anno said...

That cobbler sounds delicious... may tempt me to market tomorrow. Good to see you here again!

Charity Tahmaseb said...

So here's where you are! Good to see you back.