Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bookmark July 15th: The Missing Ink Blog Tour

On Saturday, the Eatwrite family is taking a long awaited, much anticipated, vacation.

This means I will not be around much next week.

Tomorrow there will be a Local Love Friday - my wonderful, miracle-working chiropractor will be highlighted.

Then... silence.

Until - and this is very important news - JULY 15th.

Karen E. Olson, of Shot Girl fame, will be visiting us again to talk about her new book, The Missing Ink. It's wonderful, and very possibly the perfect beach read.

And then, again, Karen is wonderful, and chatting with her is always a hoot. (Plus, there will be a giveaway - natch).

Then... more silence - no What's Cooking Wednesday next week (except for cooking up discussion about The Missing Ink), no Local Love Friday for next week.

Maybe some beautiful pictures at some point... but we'll see.

See you tomorrow, and after that, happy week!


Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I hope you have a great time on vacation. It's so nice to be able to get away from everything!!

Goofball said...

you'll be missed!

enjoy the vacation time!!!!

Brian Miller said...

ach! smiles. hope you and the family have a great vacation!

Dru said...

Have a great vacation. I look forward to Karen's visit.

Marianne Arkins said...

Have a super fabulous vacation!! Will check back on the 15th.

anno said...

I'm so glad you have this chance to get away -- hope you have a wonderful time!

Jen said...

Thanks, everyone, and "see" you on the 15th!

Linda said...

Have a great vacation. We will give you a call when you get back--or you could call me. Lakshmi and I want to get together with you some time before summer is gone.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Have a fantastic vacation Jen!!