Monday, May 25, 2009

Music Monday: Memorial Day 2009

A day of rest.

A day to honor the men and women who've paid the ultimate price for being Americans.

A day to remember loved ones whom we've lost while they served us.

There are so many ways to consider Memorial Day. I know that for me, I've been very focused on life and family and death lately. Not in terms of the sadness of death, or the loss, but just in terms of age and the fact that we never know how long we'll have someone in our lives.

I'm a fan of Nickelback, and I really love the sentiments in this song. Some of the images are dark at first, but stick with it:

For my Memorial Day, I know I'll be doing some reflecting, but mostly I'll be enjoying my family.


What about you? How will you be spending this precious day?

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soccer mom in denial said...

Thank you SO MUCH for playing along today - on such an important day too. I completely blew it on the day's significance which seems even really bad in light of your contribution.

So Adam Sandler and Journey stays. I'm such a goof.


Momisodes said...

Thank you for this reminder. I hope you had a lovely day with family.

We spent the day enjoying family as well.

Jen said...

SMID - you're very welcome. It really worked for me this week. ;-)

Momisodes - glad to hear it!