Friday, December 19, 2008

Events: Blogger Aid, Menu for Hope, Worldwide Blogger Bake-Off

This is a season of giving. It's also a season when the hungry may very well feel it the most.

Various bloggers have taken up this cause in a variety of ways. I'm going to talk about a few of them here, all of which I learned about via Bellini Valli of More Than Burnt Toast. I've seen these logos on various other blogs, but Val tirelessly pushes for food bloggers to do good in the world. My hat is off to you, Val.

Bellini Valli of More Than Burnt Toast, Giz of Equal Opportunity Kitchen and Ivy of Kopiaste have an event called Blogger Aid. The premise behind it is to send out food that can feed a crowd and also raise money for the U.N.'s World Food Programme via lovely items that Giz has made. You can read all about it here. I can't fit in more cooking this week, so I'm going to return to some old favorites as my entry for Blogger Aid. While Giz's items are beautiful, I chose to make a direct donation to the World Food Programme and you can also do that here, if you'd like. This event runs through December 28th. Here are my entries:

World's Easiest (and BEST) Chicken Noodle Whatever Soup


Jen's Rockin' Summer Vegetable Soup

Both are economical, can feed a crowd, and provide plenty of nutrition.

If you want some mystery bang for your buck in donating to the World Food Programme, join Pim at Chez Pim and buy raffle tickets for Menu for Hope - another sponsorship of the World Food Programme. Raffle tickets cost just $10 U.S. a shot, and there are oodles of fabulous prizes. You can read all about that contest here. This event runs through December 24th, so hurry!

Finally, the Worldwide Blogger Bake-off raises money for Breadline Africa. They have a very active site with great information on joining, supporting various fundraising efforts and donating. You can read all about it of here.

I will be baking for the last event, but only after the holidays.

I know many of you have supported these wonderful events already, but if you haven't - quick! Get going!


giz said...

Thank you for your wonderful entry. Both soups look delicious and hearty. I'm thrilled that you made a donation to the WFP. That's what we're about after all -how it happens is secondary to the actually happening.

Momisodes said...

I love the choices for your entries. There's nothing more soothing and reminiscent of home than chicken soup :)

Thank you for posting these. I'm off to go click!

Grimm said...

You have no idea how hungry I get when seeing that chicken noodle picture. Yummm!

Anonymous said...

When do you find the time?! You shame me into wanting to do more!!!I am off to the various sites to see what I might contribute to a very worthy set of causes.

Jen said...

Giz, thank YOU for this wonderful project and your time and care.

Momisodes - no doubt about the chicken soup factor.

Ditto, Grimm!

Hotmama - I'm not finding the time which is why I'm so darned late! I just want to get the word out, though.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

Thank you so much for donating to one of our favourite causes Jen. I am thrilled that we are raising awareness all over the blogosphere for those less fortunate than ourselves. Have a wonderful holiday however you choose to celebrate!!!!